4/2/1986 - 7/5/2013
We wish we could have told you,
In words you'd understand,
We wish you hadn't left so soon.
This wasn't what we'd planned.

We wish somehow to tell you,
How empty we now feel.
A part of us went with you,
A part that time can't heal.

We wish just one more time to see
Your eyes that gently flicker,
And walk into the barn again
To hear you softly nicker.

We wish we had you back today,
To fill this empty space.
But we have faith we'll meet again.
Another time, another place.
Rusty - 1999
What can you say about a horse who helped raise your daughter?  Rusty was Bethany's first horse, teacher,
friend, caretaker.  He was her companion from the time she was a little girl until she became a young woman.  
He taught her to love and care for horses and that has carried on in the life she offers her horse, Rubix, today.  
Rusty was the horse we trusted to put visitors on and he was our herd leader/boss/protector for many years.  
Everyone who met him fell head over heels in love with his sweet personality.

He wasn't perfect.  While we could put a small child up on him and he would walk as though he was carrying
eggs, if he sensed that you knew what you were doing, he would make you earn your ride and more than once
over the years someone found themselves walking home while he ran on ahead, laughing I'm sure.  He hated
anything resembling a dog, no matter what size or shape, although that did come in handy occasionally when the
local coyotes would get inside the pastures.  Within a short time after moving to the farm, they knew to make a
wide berth around the horses and to stay outside the fence.  And Rusty was an escape artist.  He could open
nearly any latch designed for normal horses.  He once nearly got us kicked off the property of a farm I worked at
when he opened two pasture gates and set eight horses free.  He taught me to be extremely vigilant in making
sure the horse-proof snaps were in place on all stalls and gates.  If they weren't, you could lay money that you
would soon be chasing him around someplace where he wasn't supposed to be.

We lost Rusty Fourth of July weekend 2013 to a tragic accident involving the road and fireworks set off by the
neighbors.  That's a story for another day, but suffice it to say lot of hearts were broken  that night.  Our friend
wasn't yet ready to leave and we were most certainly not ready to say good-bye.  Please be considerate and go
watch the fireworks at a show instead of your backyard if there are horses in your neighborhood.  And if you
have horses, bring them inside or stay with them to insure their safety when there are fireworks going off nearby.
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Pam and Dave Zielinski, owners
877 State Highway 67
Amsterdam, NY
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Rusty - 2013