Ruby's Escort
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horse.  At the same time, our daughter's riding skills had surpassed the
abilities of her first horse and we were looking for one for her to move
and two days later Rubix was in our barn.  The rest is history.  

For the past 14 years, Rubix has been our daughter's primary riding
horse and best friend. Though Rubix did not want to race, he had no
issues with becoming a wonderful trail horse and jumper.  He is still with
Bethany, now living in Cobleskill, NY and very much loved.  
Visions of Money
Visions of Money, who goes by the barn name of Joey, was born on our
farm.  A son of my long time riding partner and now companion horse,
Splash, I intended for Joey to eventually take Splash's place as my
everyday riding horse.  However, with my time taken up with new mares
and foals on the property, Joey become mostly a pasture ornament and
his training stalled.  I sent him to spend the winter at a friend's farm
where he could advance his training and be ridden on a daily basis.  

While at
J.E.M Farm Joey met his soul-mate, Lonnie, and the decision
was eventually made to make both Joey and Lonnie happy, letting Joey
remain at JEM Farm with Lonnie, his wife Tina and daughter Bella.  I
would like to take this opportunity to thank the LaCounts for giving Joey
the wonderful home he deserves.
The Donald Problem
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The Donald Problem, better known as Donny, is by Dublin
and out of our good mare,
Honey Mou.  Donny has now gone
on to his destined career as a race horse and is racing at
Belmont Park
Downtown at Noon
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Holly was entered in the Fasig-Tipton Saratoga Fall sale and I brought her
home for the minimum accepted bid.  In the first picture above, it's obvious
why no one was interested in this poor, neglected baby, but the underlying
structure was all there and her problems were nothing that simple good
care couldn't fix.  The gamble really paid off,as you can see from her
picture on stage at the Fasig-Tipton October sale just a year later.  Holly is
racing in NY and has been a very consistent money earner for her owner.  
My Swift Dream, better known as Molly came from the same sale as
Holly.  Though very well prepped and super sweet, she was small and
toed out and did not garner a bid while on stage.  Her owner only wanted
her to have a good home so she came here to be a companion for
Holly.  After nearly a year of great farrier work we improved her enough
to start looking for a home.  She never grew past 14 hands and so was
not a real racing prospect, but she found a home with a wonderful
person who uses her as a riding and lesson horse in Rome, NY.  
Honey Mou
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Honey Mou is a former member of our broodmare band.  A four time
winner of over $125,000, Moo produced one awesome colt for us who
is currently racing at Belmont Park in NY. Unfortunately, Honey Mou
suffered a severe dystocia with her second foal.  Our much anticipated
Freud colt was not able to be saved and Moo spent a week at Rood &
Riddle Equine Clinic, then several months recovering.  Though she
was only eight years old, we made the hard decision to retire her from
breeding and give her a new career.  Honey Mou now belongs to
Lauren Anderson and is a much loved hunter/jumper show horse as
well as giving lessons and trail riding.  Thank you Lauren for giving this
sweet girl such a great home!
By Noonmark and out of Downtown Daria.  
Downtown at Noon is currently in training at
 under the tutelage of Lauren Linn.  Better
done very well in her career so far.  In just five
short months, Abby earned over $48K and placed
3d in the 2017 Niagara Stakes.  Watch for her
return to action in 2018!
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