Downtown Daria
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Daria is in foal to
Mission Impazible, due
March 20, 20l8
Funny Annie
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Annie is in foal
to Effinex and due
March 26, 2018
Permanent Residents
Damrock Farm is proud to be called home by several senior citizens.  At Damrock Farm,
we adore the old folks and do everything in our power to make their lives happy and
comfortable for as long as possible.  These horses have hopefully all reached their last
stop here on earth.  When the time comes,  as difficult as it may be, each will be offered a
dignified and loving entry to the greener pastures of horse heaven.
Splash is a 20 year old Appaloosa mare who I
have owned for over 17 years now.  While not a
senior in some books, she does have some
arthritis in her hocks and stifles, so we don't ride
her anymore.  She is my babysitter earned her
place here for life.
Jenny is a 25 year old Thoroughbred mare.  
She raced some, had a couple of babies and
is now retired and living the good life, thanks
to her wonderful owners who have owned
Jenny nearly her entire life.  Jenny is as sweet
as they come and will hopefully be here with
us at Damrock Farm until the end.
Blue is a 21 year old Appaloosa gelding.  He
is, like Splash,  not that "old" in years, but
has issues that are often seen in much older
horses.  Some arthritis and moonblindness
have caused his loving owner to opt for him
to retire and live out his days as a pasture
pet and friend to us here at Damrock Farm.
Pam and Dave Zielinski
877 State Highway 67
Amsterdam, NY
Sadly, Effinex died suddenly on Oct 18, 2017
of a ruptured pulmonary artery.  Annie's 2018
foal will be one of his first and only crop.  
Spirit of Ten
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Mia is in foal to Laoban,
due May 11, 2018