I bring a lifetime of experience to my business.  I have been riding since I was
five years old, spending much of my childhood showing at Halter, Showmanship,
Western Pleasure and Trail.  I learned to ride from one of the premier trainers
of Appaloosa horses at the time, John Mullins of Elba, NY.  I owe Johnny a huge
debt of gratitude for not only teaching me to ride, but for insisting that I become
horseman instead of just a rider.

In my life spent with horses, I have trained youngsters, taught riding lessons,
showed at halter, showmanship, Western Pleasure and Trail,  worked with
broodmares and foals on a large Thoroughbred breeding farm, and managed
a fairly large breeding/boarding facility. For many years I specialized in
retraining problem horses to become safe and enjoyable companions.  Throughout
my career,  complimenting my vast array of experiences, the one thing that has
remained constant is my thirst for knowledge.  I am constantly researching,
in order to better care for the horses to which I have been entrusted.

In addition to all the practical experience I bring to my work, I have done a lot
of studying.  When I am not working, I am usually at my computer reading up on
the "latest and greatest" ideas in horses care, hoping that I might pick up another
small smidgen to add to my already vast mental database.  I have attended seminars
and classes in everything from nutrition to training to equine reproduction.  Because
of this, I have the knowledge to see that every horse under my charge receives the
best of care.  Closely coupled with that knowledge, is the desire to make that happen.  
Proper care to me includes not only good nutrition, but all other aspects of horse
husbandry, from proper foot care to general manners.  

It is my firm belief that every horse faces a much better future if they are taught to
respect yet not fear humans.  To that end, all foals that I handle learn to lead, stand
for vet and farrier and to load onto a trailer within their first few months of life.  
Adult horses in my care also learn basic ground manners if needed.  This helps to keep
them, myself and anyone else who comes in contact with them, safe.  I employ my  life
experience to make this much needed learning process go smoothly, quickly and
enjoyably, both for myself and the horse.    

In my care, your horses will be healthy and happy.  Sale horses will be ready for the
extreme competition at the sales arena, both physically and mentally.  Foals will get
a good start, broodmares will be doted upon, and retirees will be comfortable
and content.  You can rest assured that your horse's time at Damrock Farm will
be among the best years of it's life!  

1976 - Me on the right at a show
2006 - Me helping with a delivery
Pam and Dave Zielinski, owners
877 State Highway 67